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Patrick Dennis, MS

Operations & Plans | Contracting & Acquisitions DAWIA-C III | MBA Candidate 

I recently had the privilege to read a chapter from a new book that will be coming out June 1, 2017. There are many individuals who I have met on LinkedIn that are trying to make an impact on veterans lives every day. One of the co-authors of this book is no exception. Warrior to Patriot Citizen covers important aspects and resources that vets can use when going from wearing the uniform to continuing life after the service. Besides searching for a job/career there will also be a lot of other changes during transition that individuals might not think of. The topics I covered highlighted key points that service members need to think of when deciding to move on from the service. I will definitely be picking this book up and I really think it is worth the read for every service member. It is always good to add more tools to your tool kit. If interested in knowing more and tracking release, the following is the FB page. It might be worth your time.

As always, thanks you for those individuals that really go out of their way to help vets and their families. Some of us really need it.


Terry Winnett, Maj, 21 yrs USAF

I had the pleasure of reading a draft copy of Donna's book and, as an Air Force officer about to transition to the civilian side, I found it to be an invaluable source of information that will greatly assist me with the move.  The book is linear and an easy read with a huge amount of information that is easy to digest and retain.  The convenient notes section at the end of each chapter is very handy to jot down ideas for later reference.   For those of you in uniform who are going to be civilians in the near future, this book needs to be the among the first places you start in your journey

"There's a lot of transition guides out there but this one is truly one of the best I've read!"