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Warrior To Patriot Citizen: Schertz  Veteran Publishes Helpful Resource:                      

Schertz Magazine, September 2017 San Antonio and its surrounding area is home to one of the largest active and retired military populations in the country. Known affectionately as “Military City, USA,” San Antonio embraces its military heritage and takes pride in its many residents who are serving their country or have done so in the past. One of the biggest challenges faced by these residents is that of transitioning to civilian life after completion of military service, and a local resident has dedicated herself to helping these men and women as they face this challenge.

In her new book, Warrior to Patriot Citizen, Schertz resident and veteran Donna Hoffmeyer helps transitioning service members plan for and manage their separation or retirement from military life. Hoffmeyer is an 18-year US Air Force Nurse, who has been both active duty and reserves, as well as a military dependent. Having transitioned once herself, she understands well the challenges faced by those who are making this major life change and realized that there were not many resources available to those who were looking for guidance during this time. Hoffmeyer’s book offers a comprehensive resource based on her own experience, as well as that of many other veterans. 

Designed for service members who must separate or are choosing to separate from the military, as well as those who are retiring from active service, Warrior to Patriot Citizen provides resources to help these individuals identify the skills, talents and interests they can use to determine a rewarding new life path, including beginning a new career, starting a business or volunteering. The goal of the book is to help individuals minimize stress during what can be a challenging time and focus on making the most of their future.

Hoffmeyer says that the initial seed for the book was planted as she watched other service members transition and saw them panic as they tried to figure out what their next steps would be and how they were going to support their families. “I always thought that we should have a better way to do this,” she said. “I just didn’t know how.” That part came a bit later, when a Facebook conversation about transitioning service members led her to meet the man who would eventually become her co-author, Kevin Cullis. Hoffmeyer was inspired by Cullis’s Facebook comments, and when she found out that he was a self-published author, she suggested that he write a book for transitioning service members. Eventually, they decided to write the book together, and a new partnership was born.

Cullis is also an Air Force Veteran, as well as an entrepreneur and business consultant who has made a post-military career out of advising small business owners and positioning them for success by helping them to optimize all areas of their businesses. Between them, Hoffmeyer and Cullis offer a wealth of information in Warrior to Patriot Citizen, and they also include advice from many other veterans throughout the book. Among the topics covered are preparing for transition, mental and physical wellness, financial considerations, identifying skills, networking and marketing, and a comprehensive list of resources. There are many considerations for those transitioning from the military, and Hoffmeyer and Cullis wanted to make sure that they offered valuable and practical information that would help readers with all aspects of their life during this time.

According to Hoffmeyer, the initial reception for the book has been very positive. Many veteran-focused nonprofit organizations have expressed interest in partnerships, and several colleges are currently reviewing the book for possible inclusion in future courses. But her priority is making sure that the book gets to those who need it the most. “The goal is to get Warrior to Patriot Citizen in the hands of all transitioning service members at no cost to them,” Hoffmeyer said.

To meet this goal, Hoffmeyer has set up multiple levels of marketing and fundraising efforts. In addition to utilizing social media and doing radio and podcast interviews, she is also encouraging business to sponsor book signings throughout the country. She has set up a crowdfunding campaign that allows businesses to make tax-free donations that will provide the books for free to veteran-focused nonprofits. The crowdfunding site can be found at

The book is currently available to the public for $12.95 and can be purchased online at A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Valkyrie Initiative, a non-profit organization serving veterans and first responders and their families.

Warrior to Patriot Citizen is sure to be an essential resource for many individuals here in our local community well as service members throughout the country. For Hoffmeyer, it has been a great experience to be able to serve the military community through this project, and she enjoys hearing from those who have benefited from the book. “The most rewarding part of all this is connecting with service members, veterans, dependents and hearing their stories,” she says. “They validate why I wanted to write the book.”Citizen Publishes Helpful Resource

CA Alumni Publishes First of its Kind Book for Service Members Transitioning to Civilian Life.

Texas, May 28, 2017 - Warrior To Patriot Citizen is a new book for service members who are either choosing to separate, have to separate, or are retiring from the military. 

Written by Colebrook Academy’s Class of 1990, Donna (Beloin) Hoffmeyer, it is available to order through starting June 1, 2017. A book signing in Colebrook is set for July 21, 2017, at Fiddleheads, on Main Street. 

This valuable book helps those transitioning identify and pursue their passion. With advice from veterans who have gone before, Warrior To Patriot Citizen shows how to utilize multiple resources to help find talents and skills and determine a path whether that’s a job, new career, entrepreneurship, or volunteering. 

“Retirement is a misnomer, as few really do retire and everyone needs to plan for it!  Cullis & Hoffmeyer do an exceptional job in developing an individual situational awareness with planning factors that all can learn from in making their transition easier.” Ted Terraza, (Capt (ret), 20 years, USAF) Chenega Corp., Sr. VP of Medical Services.

Donna Hoffmeyer was born and raised in Colebrook, NH, graduated in 1990, and is an 18 year US Air Force nurse who now resides in San Antonio, TX. Her career has spanned both active duty (12 years) and reserves (6 years), with a 4 year stint as a military dependant. Currently, she is a Regional MEDCON Program case manager at Randolph AFB. She has transitioned once; understands the stressors that occur during the process; and knows with planning and the right resources, transition can (and should) more exciting and less stressful.

The book was co-written with Kevin Cullis, who is a USAF veteran, currently a business geek, consultant, and an entrepreneur. He has his Master in Administration as well as 12 years of successful face-to-face experience selling both Macs and PCs to businesses, including three years with Apple as a top salesman. He loves to help entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners integrate, utilize, and optimize their business ideas, marketing, sales, and business processes for success. As a business geek, the combination of business and computer insights makes him unique to spark and inspire others toward new life ad- ventures and businesses.  

Warrior To Patriot Citizen is $12.95 and online orders are open to the public at . Find Warrior To Patriot Citizen on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or see them on Instagram. For a review copy, email

Every service member will want this tool in their toolbox.