Tales of Awesome Happenings

28 May 2017


It was a pretty exciting weekend for us! We had a good turn out for the Randolph book signing. These guys in the picture were my biggest fans. :) (The tiniest one is extra, but we adore her too!) The count down is on...3 days until the official release!

26 June 2017


Military Day at the annual Case Manager Society of America (CMSA). Great turn out for the event and the book signing! This is Tony. He is a prior veteran that has overcome numerous adversities in his life. After a very rough transition he found his calling as a military liaison at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital in San Antonio, TX. He is a mentor/big brother/dad/friend to the military guys and gals needing direction and hope. Keep rocking you Tony!



Life has a crazy way of flying by at warped speed.  So much has happened  and I haven't keep you all informed. It's been all can do to hold on over the past  year. But nonetheless, I'm working hard to play catch up. 

So...where to begin? The book has been out for just over a year! I have met so many amazing personalities and connected with service members, veterans, family members, entrepreneurs and those that just want to do their part to support their veterans. The stories are too much to put in this small spot. But I'm starting a blog in the very near future to share transition tips and stories with all of you. 

Here's the big items I can summarize:

1. The book is now a second edition

2. The Ebook is available for pre-order

3. The audiobook will soon be finished

4. I have a second book outlined and if all goes right will be picked up by a publishing company.

Lots more to follow!